Since its inception in 2010, the school garden at Moonah Primary School has inspired countless students, teachers and community members alike. Over the last five years, Principal Angela Miezitis paved the way for a right-royal blooming of school kitchen gardens across Tasmania. Her dedication and passion for growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing organic fruit and vegetables instantly resonated with Kirsha Kaechele back in 2013 when they first met. As a result, the 24 Carrot Garden Project was born.

As co-founder of 24 Carrot Gardens, Ange has worked tirelessly to build and develop the school garden program at Moonah Primary. Their program is so good, in fact, that it’s the model Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program school for Tasmania. Working closely with Garden TA Kristina McCarthy, Ange and her passionate team partnered with Peter Booth and Jennifer Lorrimar-Shanks to make the perfect school kitchen garden.

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