The 24 Carrot school program sets the gold standard for primary school kitchen gardens. The gardens act as outdoor classrooms where students grow, cook and eat healthy produce. We promote sound nutrition skills in a fun and inspiring setting. 
The program provides opportunities for the entire community to participate in growing, harvesting and cooking produce, fostering community connections between students and families. 

At present, there are fifteen schools participating around Tasmania.



24 Carrot delivers educational outcomes that align with the Australian Curriculum. We are also proudly partnered with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden National Program and their curriculum. We complement these core curriculums with a range of Mona-run workshops about art, food, science and sustainability.


Garden Design + Architecture

Each garden is designed by volunteer architects who work with the school community at each stage of development. Students collaborate on the design of the garden, acting as both client and architect through tasks such as drawing layouts and performing building surveys. FFamilies and the larger community participate in the building of the gardens, which includes:

  • shaded learning and cooking areas;
  • communal dining tables;
  • outdoor kitchens, featuring barbecues, clay ovens, outdoor sinks, pizza ovens, kitchen equipment and materials;
  • annual and perennial food gardens and fruit orchards;
  • greenhouses;
  • chicken coops;
  • composting and vermiculture facilities;
  • water harvesting and storage systems; and
  • water-wise irrigation systems.


Zero Waste

We support sustainable practices across schools and their communities, and encourage students to reimagine canteen menus, establish a school compost, and implement a zero-waste policy. Students also participate in native revegetation of their school environment and the surrounding neighbourhood.


Building Community

Wider community engagement is facilitated through neighborhood events catered by the 24 Carrot food truck—aka the Munch Machine—and festivals such as the annual 24 Carrot Carnival where participating schools celebrate at Mona.